Welcome to the Volleydork Blog! I’ve long considered a blog; after all, I’m a Rhetoric major! Why shouldn’t I foist my words of wisdom upon the world at large?

On the other hand, does the world really need another blog? If a blog falls on the internet and nobody reads it, does it make a sound?

Sure, there are quite a few volleyball players blogging about their training and matches across the globe. Sure, there are quite a few photographers blogging about their assignments and brilliant photos. On the other hand, I can’t recall any volleyball photographers blogging, so maybe there is room on the internet for me.

In the end, my decision to blog rested on a three factors:

1. If my blog is boring, dull, humdrum, inappropriate, or monotonous, I trust you the reader to stop reading it. A few words of advice: THERE.ARE.NO. REFUNDS.

2. If my blog is boring, dull, humdrum, inappropriate, or monotonous, the internet crawling bots will still improve my site’s SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization for those of you reading this on your Windows 98 computer), bringing me vast amounts of fame and fortune (falling out of my chair as I type that last part).

3. I will finally put my Rhetoric degree to use; I know my late mother is smiling somewhere.

A few introductory words about me and my addiction of choice: I first started playing volleyball at age 16, when I became interested in a girl that played. Forty years later, I have no idea where the girl is, but I haven’t been able to kick the volleyball habit.

I was the last guy on my club at UC Davis. I was that guy that worked as hard as the dickens, loved the game, but was hindered by the minor detail that I didn’t have a shred of talent. I’ve been around the game, having photographed, played, officiated, tournament directed, and coached for decades. I even owned a 12,000 square foot volleyball facility in Sacramento that housed 3 indoor courts, a pro shop, and restaurant with a beer and wine license. So yes, I am a Volleydork, and I love being around this game.

These days, I’m best known for my photography. Those that can’t play, coach. Those that can’t coach, photograph. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you; my bride and cat are undoubtedly sick of listening to me. If you have any comments or thoughts you want to share, I’d appreciate it if you would post them below!

  • John Kessel

    on May 2, 2016

    Ed, I hope you can put together a story on Gary Colberg, and Debbie too. They deserve it as you know better than most, Best wishes in your new venture

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